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What image file types does Canvas Pet Pictures accept through its site?

Our site uploader accepts JPEG, GIF or PNG.

I have an image file type not supported by your uploader (i.e. PDF, RAW). What should I do?

Contact one of our customer service representatives at customerservice@canvaspetpictures.com and we will help you out!

What if something is wrong with my image or order?

Contact one of our customer service representatives at customerservice@canvaspetpictures.com and we will help you out!

Can you crop and prep my image?

You will have to edit the image prior to uploading to our website. All of the pre-flight work is done in house and you will receive a proof before we put your artwork into production.

Can you fix my image if it is pixilated?

We cannot enhance any image to a larger size than what you have uploaded.

Is it possible to print in other sizes, not specified on your website?

At this time, the only sizes available are those listed in our product section.

How large should my image file be?

For best results, image files should be at least 300 DPI. Bigger is always better. You can determine the file size by right-clicking on the image, and then clicking properties.

Will the colors on my screen appear the same on canvas?

The colors of the image on your screen might appear slightly different from those printed on canvas. Our high quality commercial printing process uses CMYK colors, unlike household printers and computer screens that use RGB.

Canvas Pet Pictures will reproduce the colors of your image as closely as possible. You might see a very slight difference in some colors, however. This is due to several factors such as image resolution and monitor calibration. You're more likely to detect this slight difference where a large block of color is especially bold or vibrant.

Can I send in a picture, negative or slide for you to scan?

Absolutely any type of photograph can be printed on canvas! Canvas Pet Pictures, however, reserves the right to refuse the printing of questionable content. You must be the copyright owner of the image, or have permission to reproduce the image from the copyright owner. At this time, we are unable to process negatives or slides to print on canvas.

How much of my image will be cropped if I use the photo wrap option?

.75-inch gallery wrap: 3 inches

1.5-inch gallery wrap: 4 inches


What printing technology and canvas do you use?

We use Roland Soljet technology and print on high-quality artist canvas or photo paper.

What is the average production time?

We take care that every product is manufactured with the highest standard of quality. Order fulfillment includes careful production, and preparation of each item for shipment.

If your image is ready to print and requires no alteration, most products are ready to ship in 10-15 business days. Shipping usually requires 3-5 business days in the United States, and might take longer during certain holidays.

It's possible that some images will require minor or major alteration. Issues that might need to be addressed include: inadequate resolution, an image that is too light or too dark, cropping problems, and low quality photographs.

Most of our products are carefully custom-made, so production time can not be guaranteed.

Are there various frame options?

Yes! Different framing options are available to choose from when customizing your artwork.

What is a gallery wrap?

Gallery wraps make excellent personalized gifts, or additions to your home or office decor. What are they?

A gallery wrap is a canvas printed with your own selected image, stretched around a wooden frame and ready to hang. These professionally made works of art don't require an ordinary picture frame. They add style to any wall with a clean, modern look.

We offer two types of gallery wraps: a thin gallery wrap (with 3/4 inch wide frame) and a standard gallery wrap (with 1.5 inch wide frame).

A small portion of your image is wrapped around the sides of the wooden frame, so it is printed in a larger dimension to accommodate this process. For example, to wrap around the four sides of a 3/4 inch frame, an 8 x 10 image will be printed 9.5 x 11.5.

Since the edges of your image will be wrapped around the frame, please refer to the live preview to see how your finished canvas will actually appear. You might want to adjust the cropping of your image to achieve the desired outcome.

What is a museum wrap?

Museum wraps are different from gallery wraps in that the image stops at the edge of the frame. No portion of the image is wrapped around the frame.

You can choose whether the edges of your museum wrap are black, white, or a different color.

Once finished, a museum wrap can either be hung on the wall, or placed in an ordinary picture frame. This type of wrap might be more suitable for images that can't be suitably cropped.

What is a canvas roll?

If you want your image printed on canvas without framing, it can be delivered to you as a canvas roll. The canvas will be ready to be framed at any time.

Care and Use

How do I hang my canvas?

Canvases that measure 24 x 36 and larger are shipped with a special hanger and instructions. Smaller canvases are equipped with saw-tooth hangers pre-installed on the back of the frame. The wooden frames might also be hung with other suitable hardware.

A general rule of thumb when hanging art is to position the center of the piece at eye-level. This is usually said to be 60 to 66 inches from the floor.

How are the canvases packaged?

Canvas Pet Pictures uses shipping boxes that are made to protect your fine work of art. Canvases are placed in a plastic bag, then secured in the box for safe shipment.

How do I clean my canvas?

Canvas Pet Pictures prints every image on high quality canvas that is resistant to minor smudges and scratches. To remove dust, gently wipe with a soft, dry cloth. If this is inadequate, the careful application of a damp cloth is recommended.


I need my canvas by a certain date. What is your turnaround time?

We have a production time of 10-12 business days + the time for shipping. If you have a special rush request please call us for assistance. Your delivery time can also depend on your response time to our inquiries regarding your order.

What are my shipping options?

FedEx Ground: $19.95 (2-7 business days depending on location)

FedEx second-day: $39.95

FedEx next-day: $79.95

*These times do not include production time.

What if I'm shipping my canvas internationally?

International shipping can be arranged with additional cost determined by shipping provider.

What if damage occurs during shipment?

If damage occurs during shipment contact us immediately and we will arrange for return shipping and replacement.

Can my canvas be sent to another person as a gift, perhaps with a nice card?

Yes! When ordering, please type in the recipient's name, address (this address must match delivery address on order form), and what you would like the note to say and we will include a hand-written gift note.

How do I track my order?

You may check the status of your order by clicking the link in your order confirmation email.


Do you offer discounts for photographers, designers, or artists?

Yes, we do. Please contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@canvaspetpictures.com for more information.

What if I made a mistake when I placed my order?

If you make an error while placing your order, please contact us immediately! Call during our business hours, 9 am to 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday. Or you can email us at customerservice@canvaspetpictures.com.

The production of your canvas begins soon after you place your order. Once your canvas has been completed, unfortunately we cannot make changes!

What if my coupon code doesn't work?

Make sure the coupon code has been entered correctly, and that it hasn't expired. If the code still doesn't work, please contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@canvaspetpictures.com.

Can payment be made by check?

Yes, please send your check made payable to Canvas Pet Pictures at 7515 Metropolitan Drive Suite 405 San Diego, CA 92108. Please note: Production cannot begin until your check clears. This will create a significant delay.

Is there a volume discount?

Yes, we do. Please contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@canvaspetpictures.com for more information.


What is your return policy?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order. If for some reason you are not, we will gladly provide you a reprint or full refund of your purchase price within 30 days of receiving your product. Please contact our customer service center for further information on how we can provide you with a new and improved product.

What is your privacy policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy.

Is this site secure?

Yes. This website uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, the same technology used by banks to ensure a secure and private connection.